Although I produce a full range of motion graphics, my specialism is in working with, and visualising, music. I aim to synchronize intelligently, reflect the music's structure and mood, pick out key musical elements and...mean something! Here's an indication of the range of work I do:

  • Synchronised video sequences for Banco de Gaia live performance (ambient dance)
  • Visualisations for orchestral pieces by Simon Richmond (of The Imagined Village) and Simon Emmerson (of Afro Celts)
  • Semi-improvised visuals for John Law’s electronic jazz “Boink!” project
  • Fully improvised VJ sets for The Orb and DJ Billy Nasty
  • Synchronised visuals for Mozart’s opera “Cosi fan Tutte” (Cooper Hall production)
  • Prepared VJ sets for many local clubs and events

Quartet No. 1 (music by Patrick Dunn)

Quartet No. 3 (music by Patrick Dunn)

Endless peace (music by Patrick Dunn)


Quartet No. 2 (music by Patrick Dunn)

The machine breaks (music by Patrick Dunn)