If I have a "philosophy" as a music visualiser, this is it...

I’m a musician by training, and wherever it’s appropriate I try to think of the visuals I produce as another musical instrument or performer – so not necessarily an add-on or background. As an “instrument” the visuals have got to work as part of the whole setup, and be integrated with it. So if typical VJ visual wallpaper is what the overall effect needs, that’s fine; I’ll do it. But if the overall effect is better served by closely synchronising individual visual elements with specific musical components, I’d typically rather do that. So I aim to synchronize intelligently, reflect and express the music's structure and mood, and pick out key musical elements.

I also want the visuals to mean something, and to have some relevance to the music. Sometimes this isn’t possible, but I’ve been surprised how many times it works well, and draws the audience in as a result.

 Here's an indication of the range of work I do: